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23 Mar 2010

Casual Networking

I run a small networking group in Hertfordshire and we are meeting tomorrow, if you fancy coming along then the details are below, it'd be great to welcome new businesses:

Casual networking does exactly what it says on the tin.... I know some small businesses are nervous about networking and so I wanted to organise something less formal to what you usually find.

Basically we meet up and chat with other new and small businesses, rather than a more formal networking where you may need to give a brief ‘elevator pitch’ style talk of your company, this event will just be in a local bar or pub.

Casual groups are a good way to ease yourself in to networking if you’re shy or nervous, as you’re not going to be put on the spot to describe your services in front of bunch of experienced pitchers – it’s more a case of having a chat about what you do with a few people within the group.

The next one will be from 18.00 at Cinnabar Cafe in Stevenage Old Town on Weds 24th March. They offer light lunches and pastries if you'd like to eat whilst there and obviously the usual bar drinks and hot drinks are on sale too - they also have wi-fi access too for those who may need it.

Cost £3.50.

Feel free to bring other people along who may be interested in Casual Networking.

Any questions please mail me.

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