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6 May 2010

More lovely stationery!!!


  1. oooh you are a tease! I had to talk myself out of a pad today - do I really need it, no I don't, but I want it, no you don't need it was the conversation in my head over a bloomin pad!

  2. I just use the excuse that it's inspiration! I don't need any of these, I just love them! I look at it this way, I don't spend my money on cigarettes, so why not treat myself to something I want on the odd occasion.

    Where did you see the pad you loved?

  3. I had of it that way! What a great way to look at it. I saw it in John Lewis, it was only £3.50 but I couldn't talk myself into it :-o

  4. Maybe go without something else this week, which would equate to £3.50, a magazine or some chocolate perhaps, or that extra drink when you are out with your friends. That way you can justify it, after all your notepad will last a lot longer than a few chocolate bars and there aren't any calories in a notepad! Wait until next time you are near a John Lewis, if it is still there, then buy it for yourself, if it has sold out, then it wasn't meant for you - he he!


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