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3 Jun 2010

What would you like to see?

Hi everyone

I am doing a little survey today and would love some feedback from you please, if possible.

• What would you like to see more of on my blog? 
• What made you decide to subscribe to my blog? 
• What was your favourite post (if you can remember?)
• Does anyone out there know of anything lovely I could feature? 

Please make a comment on any or all of the above, or email me if you'd prefer to do it privately.

Thanks in advance! Enjoy the sunshine!!!



  1. question 2: I'm a surface designer too, albeit unrecognized, so I like to see what other successful surface designers are doing in hopes it will rub off. :D

  2. I personally like to see a mix of things, a bit of your work, a bit of stationery lol, a bit of things you like, a bit or what you have been up to. Just go with what you want to blog about and I am sure we will be interested. Not sure how I found you now sorry.

  3. I love seeing your own lovely work the most! The post you had the other day, with the motivational messages I LOVED! It was Print and Pattern blog spot that led me here!

  4. Thank you :-) It's great to know that I am doing O.K. I really appreciate your feedback.


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