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5 Jul 2010

Macbook Pro

Hi Guys

I'm back. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I have been snowed under with work, mainly designing licensed character watches :-) which has been a great project to work on and the people I have been working with/for have been great. I'll try to get some samples on here once they have been produced.

Since I have been away, I have treated my self to a gorgeous, new, Apple Mac Book Pro 15"! with an anti glare screen, so that hopefully, I can do some work outside when things calm down a little :-) I have never owned a laptop before, so it is taking a little time to work out the track pad etc.

I am also doing a detox at the moment, due to a number of health issues, it seems to be giving me more energy, but it's difficult going without Wheat, Dairy & particularly Sugar!

Anyway... back to work. Have a good day!

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