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6 Nov 2010

Handmade Trading Post

Calling all craft sellers, I thought this might be of interest to some of you - Claire of Miso Funky has set up The Handmade Trading Post to allow the crafty community to swap goods instead this Christmas time, please see what she has to say below:
It’s a busy time of year for crafters and designers. We’re in the first throes of Christmas orders and it’s only going to get more busy from here on in.
We spend a lot of time and effort on making sure the general public have delightful handmade and innovatively designed gifts to give each festive season – in fact, most of us do little else but organise other people’s gifts for the final two months of each year!
But what about our own friends, families and loved ones? They deserve good gifts too. And us being designers and makers, we often want to continue that theme into the gifts we give, to support our fellow indie designers and encourage others to give handmade.
We have a great indie craft community here in the UK and I’m sure I’m not alone in admiring fellow designers’ work and thinking, I must put that on my list for Christmas.
This got me thinking that to continue to foster the great community links we have,  that swapping our wares or giving a fellow-designer discount at this time of year would be a grand idea.
So, if you’re interested in trading some of your items for a fellow designer’s, then the Handmade Trading Post is the place to register yourself. We’ll post up your web address, contact details and details of specific items you want to trade or are looking for. Other designers can then get in touch to hook up your swap – simple, eh?
The Handmade Trading Post is only for UK indie designers and makers – our exclusive little swap shop within our community. You can, of course, also purchase directly from the designers and makers listed.

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  1. What a great idea, thanks for letting us know about this Amanda.
    X Kate


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