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26 Jan 2011

Little Lucy Willow

As you know I am moving house in the summer and I have been browsing the internet for white French style furniture, which I love but can probably never afford. Whilst searching I came across Little Lucy Willow - a Children's Furniture & Accessories website. I have fallen in love with the range I show below, however I don't have kids so won't ever indulge. You can see their gorgeous website here


  1. Oh Amanda this french style furniture is rather dreamy. It would make me feel like a princess!!!

    In response to your last post, we all have little lapses. The thing is to not beat ourselves up over them! We can't be angels 100% of the time hey?!?!

    Take care.

    Ionwen XXX

  2. Hi Ionwen

    Thanks for the encouragement, I am back on track now after a big slip up for a couple of days, I have my 40th Birthday party on 19th Feb so need to look good for then :-)

    Thanks xx


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