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21 Jan 2011

This is Smudge

Today I wanted to introduce you to the new addition to my family, his name is Smudge & he has been with me since Sunday. Unfortunately I had to have my last bunny put to sleep just before Christmas (I used to have 4 at one point!), she was 8 so a good age & I have been missing her, so I went to see a breeder in Surrey & ended up coming home with this little cutie.

He is an 11 week old mini lop. He lives in my house at the moment and I let him in the garden for a few hours a day, he is like a little dog in that he lies by my feet in the living room :-)  he also has a big plastic box in my studio where he chills out while I am working (see the last piccie), he is a very relaxed bunny and so friendly, however having him around has meant that not much work has been going on! 

Have a great weekend everyone! x


  1. oh my goodness.. how cute is Smudge! I love the name too. Congrats! I can see why he would be a distraction.

  2. Smudge is adorable. I can totally see why you would be distracted. XXX


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