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6 Feb 2011

The Real Flower Company

What with moving to Guildford in the Summer I have been researching the local area and came across this most amazing company. How utterly gorgeous are these flowers arranged & sold by The Real Flower Company . They are based in Petersfield & grow their own roses, foliages & herbs at their farms in both Hampshire & Kenya. You can order online or via their shop in Midhurst or Selfridges London. Wouldn't it just be an ultra special day to receive something so amazing.

There is not a lot more I could say, but I feel that the images speak for themselves:

Welcome by the way, to all my new followers! x


  1. OOoooo these are all so scrummy! The colours are just magical. Oh yes won't it be a delight to receive these, especially the ones in the supa jug! Maybe we should print the pics out and leave them lying about the place, tehe! X

  2. I think they are slightly out of my fellas budget, but you never know :-) x


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