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24 Mar 2011


I have always loved nail varnish but just recently I have become obsessed, what with all the lovely shades available to buy at the moment. Here are a few piccies of what I have done to my nails just recently.

This is a mix of two Nails inc colours. The metallic blue/green is 'Symons Street' and then I have laid the darker colour 'Lexington Street' over the top on alternate nails, the photo doesn't really do it justice as it is a sparkly two tone purple/green colour

This is another Nail inc colour 'Fouberts Place' it is a limited edition, on the website it looks more green in colour but it actually comes out as a dark grey with a very slight tint of green, I have then painted a light glitter over half of the nail and then over half of that to create a sparkly gradient

I then went for some of the new crackle varnish 'Hoxton' which you paint over any colour varnish and within a few seconds it crackles to show the under colour through, I just tried it over my previous colour, but I'm sure I can have fun experimenting with other colours. 

You can find many more colours here

I have loads more colours to show you, so will be back on here with more very soon :-) 

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  1. They are all so gorgeous. I'm a nail colour addict too!!! My Sis is a beauty therapist so she is always trying out all the new colours on me, pure delight I can tell you, tehe. Looking forward to more shots soon. Ionwen XXX


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