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13 Apr 2011

More nails

As there is a special day of my favourite nail polish company Nails Inc on QVC tomorrow I thought I'd show you some more of their gorgeous colours.

This lovely blue is Portobello Road, it could probably do with two coats, but I knew I was going to be removing it the following day so didn't bother.

Nude is very on trend at the moment with shoes and nail polish and the colour George Street is fab

As I said a few weeks back, I have a thing about orange at the moment so when I got Porchester Place I had to put it on straight away!

I recently purchased a really lovely glossy black called Black Taxi but got impatient and only had it on for one day, I then decided to do a space type look to my nails using different colours and glitters, it looks much better in real life.

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  1. Ooooooooooo how supadupafabfantastic is that Portobello Road. Jessica do a goooooooooorgeous black/blue/green polish think it's called; Casablanca it's one of my all time faves!!! X


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