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27 May 2010


So sorry for my lack of posting this week. I have had a nightmare of a couple of days, firstly my Black Lab had to be put down, she was very old, but it is very sad. Then my boyfriend was in a motorbike accident, so I am now very behind on my work. Therefore, please forgive me, I'll be back on Tuesday.

Have a good bank holiday weekend everyone x


  1. hope you are ok and have had a restful bank holiday! x

  2. :-( so sorry about your dog, we have a chocy lab and they are so sweet and loyal that breed, you must miss him/her a lot. Also hope your boyfriend is OK.

  3. Thanks guys :-) Yes my boyfriend is a little black & blue but will be fine thanks. It's very sad when you loose a pet, but it was sad to see her struggling to walk etc, so I know it was for the best.

    I really appreciate your comments xx


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