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16 Oct 2011

I'm back!!!!

Hi everyone

I'm back, sorry for being away so long, as you know I had to go into hospital and have a pretty nasty operation, I wasn't going to blog about it as I hope you'll agree that this is a light hearted blog, however I have realised how important it is to spread the word and make people aware of your own bodies and to say that if you do feel that something is wrong, to keep pestering your G.P. so please excuse my little rant.

Basically I have been feeling unwell for 4 years now and my G.P kept telling me that I was too young (40, that's not young!) to have anything seriously wrong and that if it was serious it would show up in my blood tests. Well a couple of months ago I was told that I had bowel cancer and that I'd have to have part of my bowel removed (which is why I have been into hospital) and I am so angry that my G.P. didn't listen. Luckily for me they managed to remove the tumour without it having spread, but that doesn't stop me feeling angry. The doctor made me feel like I was being a hypochondriac and when she did eventually send me to a specialist he too made me feel the same, he was actually going to discharge me the next time he saw me but luckily for me he was away and I had a different consultant and she sent me for further tests, which was when it was found.

Anyway I don't want to waffle on too much as I am now in recovery. However I just wanted to say that if anyone out there has any symptoms that they are worried about, please feel free to contact me. Don't be embarrassed by it. It is very important to be aware of what is normal for you, so you can recognise any unusual changes and act quickly to get them investigated.The good news is that bowel cancer can be successfully treated in over 90% of cases, if it is diagnosed at an early stage, before it has had a chance to spread.

If you are having issues but don't feel you can contact me then this is a good website to look at:

Of course I am hoping that I don't hear from any of you because you are all well and happy. My next challenge are a couple of cysts found on my ovaries, fingers crossed on that one as I haven't been lucky enough to have babies yet and time is running out.

The blog will resume back to more happy thoughts & images on Wednesday.

Thank you all so much again for following me x


  1. What a terrible thing for you to have to go to. Hopefully you're well on the way to recovery and the cysts will be treated quickly x.

  2. Thanks Sue, still a long way to go but feeling better each day x

  3. Glad you are getting better, it sounds like you have been through a lot. I think you are right about pestering your doctor if you know something is not right. Hope you are much better very soon. x

  4. Thanks Rosie :-) yes but trying my best to stay positive. Thanks for your comment x

  5. Im so sorry you have to go through this. There seems to be alot of diseases that gps only associate with old age.

    Hope you feel better soon x

  6. Thank you very much, I'm feeling quite a bit better today, glad you liked the bunnies x

  7. Hi Amanda,

    I'm so happy you are healing up and doing better. And thank you for the awareness information.

    All the best to you.


  8. Thanks Kelly

    Yep, still not back at work but feeling soooo much better. I appreciate your message, thank you x

  9. hi Amanda,
    I knew you were in hospital but only started following your blog after this post so didn't know why. I am so glad you are better after this traumatic experience but also dishearten to read about your doctors approach to it all. I hear this sort of thing so many times about doctors not paying enough attention to people and the consequences leading to the worst outcome. I sincerely hope you have a fantastic holiday when you go :0) xxx

  10. Thanks Fhiona, it means a lot to get such lovely caring posts. I hope that all is good with you?

    Have a good weekend x


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