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24 Oct 2011

Spot the Dog & Friends

On the subject of wallpaper, my mum recently came across some material that I used to have in my bedroom as a child on both curtains and wallpaper, it was rather a full on design and to be honest I used to doodle on it and I don't think my parents ever noticed which just goes to show how full on it was. Anyway I googled it the other day and I found the design, I was so excited to see it again, I just hope that my wallpapers have the same effect on any kids that have it in their bedrooms... *DREAM*

  Yes it was the 70's!


  1. I also used to have this wallpaper as a child and all ways remembered its name so googled it and your blog came up, brought a smile to my face to see it again .

  2. My son had this wallpaper when he was a baby......we loved it...great to see it again!!!


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