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26 Feb 2010


I'm a little busy today so I wanted to share with you some gorgeous cute photos which made my heart melt - I know, I'm a softie! Have a good weekend everyone!

25 Feb 2010

A late post today - it's been one of those days where I just don't seem to have got anything done! however I have signed up to UK Handmade and was welcomed by Karen from Chalk Hill Studio, take a look at her website, I just 'love' this Cherry Blossom Rag book.

24 Feb 2010

Sock Comp

Another of my entries for the Design a Sock Competition

23 Feb 2010

Snow Day

With the snow yesterday I just had to put together a mood board. I am currently working on Christmas patterns! (Yes I know... but that's just the way the industry works), therefore the snow has given me some inspiration.

22 Feb 2010

Cute cups

I hope that you had a good weekend.

I found these gorgeous paper cups online the other day but the site was all in japanese (or similar), if anyone has seen these or anything like them being sold in the U.K. then please let me know.


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