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12 Aug 2011

Evies picture

Hi Guys

Today I wanted to share with you a little picture I put together for a first holy communion for a member of my boyfriends family. I don't know her all that well and she is only 9 so it was difficult knowing what to include. I hope that you like it.

Have a great weekend!

A x

11 Aug 2011


Since moving I have a new addition to the family, I'd like to introduce you to Rosie.... isn't she a cutie! My other bunny Sweep (Buck) is very interested in her as he is now a teenager! (say no more) so I am having to keep them separate, however one day I hope to have babies :-)

9 Aug 2011

My Tea Set

I just had to share this with you. When I was packing up my old house I came across my old tea set from when I was little, even though I have moved at least 5 times since I played with it, I am a bit of a soppy thing and like to keep treasures from the past.

The design shows my age! he he

8 Aug 2011

I'm Back!

Hi Guys

Sorry it's been so long since I posted.... As you know I have been busy moving to our new home in Guildford, Surrey but also I have been going through a lot of health issues, which are ongoing so please forgive me if my posting isn't as regular as it should be for the next few weeks/months.

I can't believe I now have 90 followers! thank you all so much *GRIN*

I will try to get some photos up of my new studio in the next few weeks, however at the moment it is still full of unpacked boxes.

Please keep your comments coming, I love to hear from you what you think of the products I post and of my work.

Have a good day!

A x

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