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24 Mar 2011


I have always loved nail varnish but just recently I have become obsessed, what with all the lovely shades available to buy at the moment. Here are a few piccies of what I have done to my nails just recently.

This is a mix of two Nails inc colours. The metallic blue/green is 'Symons Street' and then I have laid the darker colour 'Lexington Street' over the top on alternate nails, the photo doesn't really do it justice as it is a sparkly two tone purple/green colour

This is another Nail inc colour 'Fouberts Place' it is a limited edition, on the website it looks more green in colour but it actually comes out as a dark grey with a very slight tint of green, I have then painted a light glitter over half of the nail and then over half of that to create a sparkly gradient

I then went for some of the new crackle varnish 'Hoxton' which you paint over any colour varnish and within a few seconds it crackles to show the under colour through, I just tried it over my previous colour, but I'm sure I can have fun experimenting with other colours. 

You can find many more colours here

I have loads more colours to show you, so will be back on here with more very soon :-) 

23 Mar 2011

Angela Petsis

I have just come across the most beautiful artwork on Etsy 'The Legend of Now'. Angela creates these gorgeous mixed media collages which I think would look great in my new house, I just LOVE the colours! I'll have to start saving my pennies :-)

This last one is my favourite!

22 Mar 2011

Downloadable textures

I have just found this website where you can download textured images for free.

Here are a few lovely images you can get from there.

Lost & Taken textures are made freely available for use in both personal and commercial projects including web templates, designs, and other materials intended for distribution. Attribution is appreciated, but not required.
Read more:

20 Mar 2011

Progressive Greetings

Just a quick post to let you know that I am very excited to be featured in Progressive Greetings this month :-)

Here is the article.

Have a good week x

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