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10 May 2012

Busy busy

It is hectic here at the moment, my bunny had babies a few weeks ago and we have a nine week old puppy who is very demanding indeed, I forgot how hard work puppies can be, she just loves attention and so when she is left alone she cries :-( I am probably being too soft with her, but she is currently being quiet downstairs in her pen (fingers crossed she stays that way for a while so that I can actually get some work done!). 

Here are a couple of pictures of her as promised

Three and a half week old kits

9 May 2012

Julie McCafferty

Hi, I hope that you had a good bank holiday? we have a new puppy so our time was taken up with her! she is a handful but beautiful, I'll post a picture later in the week.

As you know I have been working on my new range of party printables recently and on doing this have come across some lovely party suppliers. Today I wanted to share with you the work of Julie McCafferty from a company called Patchouli. She creates the most amazing clay cake toppers from Fimo. Here are a few examples of her work:

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