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8 Oct 2010

Boy stuff

My blog is usually very girly and pretty pretty, so I thought I'd bring you some boy stuff today. I found these lovely cushions on Folksy by Pickles Accessories. They are just £15.00 each + P&P.

7 Oct 2010

Woolly Duck

Angela at Woolly Duck makes these amazing food inspired goodies from wool. Aren't they amazing! You can find her shop here.

5 Oct 2010

Charlotte Macey

I grew up in The Cotswolds from aged 12 - 16, I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere, which when you are a teenager, isn't much fun, but I look back now and remember how peaceful and picturesque it was, I was a very lucky girl.

Designer Charlotte Macey also lives and works in The Cotswolds and I have just fallen in love with her work. She uses lovely natural fabrics, linens & cottons. She has just launched her Christmas range and you can find her Christmas shop here.

Here is some of her work.

4 Oct 2010

In the pink

I'm feeling in a pink mood today and so thought I'd bring you a collection of pretty pink things from Folksy

Hollie Lollie


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