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19 Apr 2013


I'm not even sure if anyone still reads my blog as I only post to it now so rarely. I just wanted to explain why that is and apologise to those who are still reading. Due to illness my blog has taken a back seat in my working week. I suffer from C.F.S/M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalopathy) which is increasingly getting worse, for those of you who don't know, it is a long term, fluctuating illness which effects the immune system and nervous system and gives rise to many debilitating symptoms including flu-like weakness and fatigue, aches & pains, sore throats, swollen glands, headaches, nausea, sleep disturbance, cognitive, mood and memory problems. Each day varies for me and I can go from days of needing to rest all day, to days when I feel somewhat like myself. However mostly I am a shadow of my former self, I used to be very sociable but now my social life is virtually non-existent, if I do go out it can exhaust me for days afterwards, I used to love Ceroc dancing and went two or three times a week plus enjoyed swimming and the gym, I now find it difficult to walk the dog let alone dance which saddens me as it was a big part of my life for many years, don't get me wrong, I am one of the lucky ones, some sufferers are bed or wheelchair bound.

I try not to show how I am feeling when I am out as no one likes a moaner, I appear well and come across as the same smiley positive person I have always been (or at least I hope that is the case). 

If you would like to learn more about M.E. here are a couple of links to some good videos explaining further. There is no cure, so I am hoping I will be one of the lucky ones who manages to get well someday. 

As much as I love blogging its time for me to accept that my goals have changed. Running a business is exhausting and so I am having to cut back. I intend to post snippets of my work on the odd occasion and maybe some personal news and hope that you understand. I will also keep my Facebook pages open but again they may not be updated as often as I would like.

Have a lovely weekend all 
A x

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