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12 Mar 2010

Tina MacNaughton Childrens Illustrator

As promised, here is the question & answer with Tina and one more of her beautiful illustrations.

How did you know you wanted to work in design/illustration?
I was always drawing as a kid and when I went to a careers evening at school when I was 14 I found out there were actual jobs in art I was delighted. The fact I could get a job doing something I enjoyed was so exciting my mind was made up after that.

Design books/blogs/websites you can’t live without?: The Writers and Artist's Year book by A&C Black it has stacks of advice and contact info, a bible for the freelancer. The websites I need most is the Association of illustrators, Public Lending Right where you register all your published books and get 5p every time someone takes your book out of the library works out to be a tidy little sum. Also ALCS Authors Licensing and Collecting Society and also DACS Designers and Artists Collecting society both these organisation collect fees from schools, universities, colleges, libraries etc to allow people to photocopy work from books, magazines, photos, designs etc and the distribute to all those whom have made a claim.

What are the inspirations/ influences for your work?

There are so many that I could not pick one or even three but illustrators whose work I love would be Alan Lee, Raymond Briggs, Helen Craig, John Butler to name a few. It is good to be inspired by other people's work but it is also important to carve your own path too.

The future, what are your next plans?

Start my own blog, find other ways to earn money without too much effort, for example selling prints and look out for exciting projects that are new and challenging.

Do you have any advice for wannabe illustrators out there?

Work hard. If you pitch for a job and they ask for 1 or 2 ideas give them 5 or 6. You can never have too much work. Do your research, make lists, go to exhibitions or trade fairs to see clients all under one roof (yay!), read books on copyright, see above websites for workshops and advice, design a letter head and business card for yourself that represents you, make up a packs (25+) of colour samples (prints not originals) that is easy to make but is clear, neat and professional then target agents and clients that you think your work would fit in well with. Keep on doing this until you get positive feedback. Expect it to take 2-3 years before you have a semi descent income therefore be careful with your money and/or do a part time job to top up your salary. Swot up on tax and contract law because you will need it to defend your rights and income. Be organised, dedicate an area in your home that is sacred to your work. Demand support from family and friends and tell any doubting Thomas's that it is possible to make a good living out of freelancing.

11 Mar 2010


Ahhhh! I have just got back from a relaxing reflexology session, a lovely lady in Stondon Bedfordshire called Jan of JD Holistics, she does lots of other lovely treatments too including Indian Head Massage & Reiki.

Also here are a few more of Tina MacNaughtons illustrations and tomorrow I will be featuring a brief question and answer session with her which could prove to be valuable to any aspiring illustrator or freelance designer. Watch this space!

10 Mar 2010

Seaside mini bubblepots

I've added some of my 'Seaside Fun' Patterns to some mini bubble pots, what do you think?

Max Your Garden

Today I have been working on business cards for Maxine Tricker Garden Design, front & back

9 Mar 2010

Sorry for the late post today, I have had a migraine for two days so haven't been very productive.

Here are a couple more of Tinas illustrations

8 Mar 2010

Compass Life Coaching

Hi, I hope that you all had a good weekend.

Today (amongst other things) I have been working on a leaflet for local Life Coach - Julie Foster. She is running a half day workshop in Bedfordshire on 'The Power Of Momentum' which will equip the delegates with the tools they need to fulfill their goals. I will be attending. If you are local and fancy it, then it'd be great to see you there.

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