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27 Dec 2010

Mothersday Concepts

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas?

Today I wanted to show you some concepts I worked on in the summer for a range of Mothersday gifts. I loved working on this project, but the deadline was very tight and I had other projects on the go at the same time which had to take a back seat, very stressful but great fun.

25 Dec 2010

Happy Christmas All!

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to wish all my lovely followers a very happy Christmas and a Fab 2011!

A big thank you to all who have visited & commented this year, I love getting your comments, so please keep it up!


24 Dec 2010

23 Dec 2010

I know a lot of you out there are very crafty, so if you have any photos of your Christmas creations, please feel free to email them to me: and I'll feature them on here.

22 Dec 2010

21 Dec 2010

20 Dec 2010

19 Dec 2010

18 Dec 2010

17 Dec 2010

16 Dec 2010

15 Dec 2010

14 Dec 2010

13 Dec 2010

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11 Dec 2010

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3 Dec 2010

2 Dec 2010

30 Nov 2010

The cutest prints

My bestest friend Tina has made available some of her signed prints on her website, so if you are looking for a Christmas, Christening or New Baby present then head on over to Tina Macnaughton, Here is a sample of the sort of print you can buy.

Advent Chocolates

I have been working hard on individual wrappers for some advent chocolates. Here is a general picture of the final product and throughout December I'll show you each individual illustration (some better than others!)

Sorry about the dodgy photos! 

26 Nov 2010

Christmas chocolates

I am on a diet at the moment so I don't know why I am torturing myself with this post but I found some very cute Christmas chocolates that I thought you all might like to see. The company is Lick the Spoon and you can order online from their fantastic range.

Here are a few examples of what they make:

24 Nov 2010

Amazing cake creations

After my feeble attempt at decorating cupcakes the other day I have been looking at professional websites and I came across this amazing talent. Peggy Porschen

This is an example of what they can do!

23 Nov 2010

A new Pattern

Here is a little pattern I have been working on today. Have a great day everyone!

22 Nov 2010

Tea & Sympathy

With lots of people suffering with colds and and flu at the moment, I just found this gorgeous hot water bottle which would cheer anyone up! isn't it cute! you can buy it here

19 Nov 2010

Congratulations cupcakes

Yesterday a very good friend of mine celebrated her graduation, she kindly invited me to celebrate with her and so I thought I'd make her some cupcakes... Hmmm it was great fun, but very time consuming, they are a bit amateurish but I think they are really pretty. Here are a few photos of my first attempt at cupcakes.

17 Nov 2010

Cox & Cox

Check out this lovely website where you can find all sorts of lovely bits and pieces

Here are a few examples

15 Nov 2010

Drawstring Bags

Hi Guys

I am after a favour, I need to get my hands on some little drawstring bags, however I only need about ten, does anyone know where I can find plain bags at a reasonable price please? Your advice would be much appreciated.

Here are a few photos of the sort of thing I am after, at about 15 x 8 cm roughly.

Thanks in advance!

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