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11 Oct 2012

Dots and Spots

I am feeling like a very lucky lady today as I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Dots & Spots blog the other day and today I received a lovely fat parcel. The cards I had won were bound up with a bright red ribbon:

I also got a bonus of a Christmas magnet thrown in too 

Here are some of the cards I received *GRIN*

along with a lovely postcard with a note

I have always admired Beckys creations and she is an inspiration in how hard she works, if we lived near each other I have no doubt that we could be very good friends.

9 Oct 2012

New to my Folksy shop

Fairy Princess Cupcake Toppers

Buy them here

8 Oct 2012

Mixed Media


I hope that you had a good weekend. I am very smiley today as I sold two of my multi media canvas' over the weekend, I put them up on Facebook for sale on Friday and within a day they had both sold, I loved creating them so will be doing some more very soon. I hope that you like them.

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