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28 Jul 2010

Embroidered Delight

How sweet is this! I came across this a few months back, very clever and cute.

27 Jul 2010

Boys Sleepwear

Today I wanted to show you some boys sleepwear I worked on a few months back. I don't often work on boys, so it was fun to have a go. I loved drawing my robot and I am glad to say that he has gone down really well.

26 Jul 2010

Angel Cat Sugar

Sorry I haven't been blogging much just lately, I haven't been feeling too good. I'm back now though. I promised that I would show you some of the work I have been doing recently. A few months back, I was asked to design stationery using a very limited 'Angel Cat Sugar' styleguide. I also had to come up with the look of the stationery and the the additional extras e.g. dangly bits and use of flitter. Here are a couple of visuals.

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