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21 May 2010

Eat More Cake

I have recently been working on a fab project for a local company who specialise in Cakes for all occasions. I have been designing a logo for Hertford based company 'Eat More Cake' I hope that you like it?.  

All cakes are handmade and they specialise in taking your ideas and turning them into cake. They don't use potions or nasties, all their ingredients are found in your store cupboard, the eggs are free range & chocolate real. 'Eat More Cake' are also happy to deal with allergies and food intollerances. Here are a few photos of their cakes. Website coming soon!

20 May 2010


I found this lovely online store last night Pipii and wanted to share it with you all. They sell some lovely items which can be used for making contemporary gifts, favours and decorations, all at reasonable prices.

Here are a few photos, to give you an idea of what they offer.

19 May 2010

Business Link Course

Sorry for my late post today, I have been on a Business Link Course. For anyone thinking of starting their own business, or have been trading for only a short while, I highly recommend contacting Business Link for advice. They also offer free courses, which I try to go on a few times a year, as well as great content, they also serve as a great networking opportunity. If you are based in Herts then you can see the courses available here, or just contact the above website or call 0845 601 1000, they are so helpful and most of what they offer is FREE!

18 May 2010

Please, please, please!

I am after a favour today. I am trying to spread the word and find more people to follow this blog. I would be very grateful if you could nominate me for the 'Dorset Cereal little blog award'. Please go to this page: scroll to the bottom of the page & add my blog address: under 'Lifestyle' Thanks!

You might even fancy having a go at winning a Camper Van whilst there :-) 

17 May 2010

Happy 40th Tina

I made a little card yesterday for my best friends 40th. You wouldn't believe it, but it took ages! everything that could go wrong did, e.g. the ink on my printer kept smudging across the card everytime I tried to print it. Serves me right for making it in a rush, I just haven't had time up until then to do it because work has been so hectic. Anyway here it is and thanks Tina for inviting us to your BBQ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lovely. x

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