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19 Nov 2010

Congratulations cupcakes

Yesterday a very good friend of mine celebrated her graduation, she kindly invited me to celebrate with her and so I thought I'd make her some cupcakes... Hmmm it was great fun, but very time consuming, they are a bit amateurish but I think they are really pretty. Here are a few photos of my first attempt at cupcakes.


  1. They look lovely Amanda! I like that you even came up with your own solution to pad out the box :) Im curious about your choice of it just fondant or is there some hidden buttercream too? xx

  2. Thanks, I need a bit of practice but enjoyed making them. It is royal icing - Icing sugar, glycerin & egg white. Yes my box padding was a bit of a last minute solution, but it did the trick - he he!

    Thanks for your comment. x


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